I first visited Dr. Anchal Jain with severe vertigo, and she was so kind and empathetic that I felt relief even before the treatment. The symptoms vanished within 2 sittings and that too without any medications. I would strongly recommend her without hesitation.
Sudha Balamurukesan
Dr Anchal is extremely efficient, patient and kind. She uses latest technology for accurate diagnosis of your condition - be it vertigo, dizziness, or balance issues, and her methods for treatment are holistic, simple, as well as easy to follow! Highly recommend šŸ™‚
Priti Kadam
I came to dr Anchal with a long standing balance problem. And dr Anchal set it right in 4 weeks Firstly the diagnosis was excellent with the latest technology and to the point The treatment protocol involved simple doable balance exercises that needed to be done consistently. Dr Anchal explained the protocol with great care and detail and made it simple to follow. And it took me just 4 weeks instead of 6 to transform my movement and overcome a 20 year old problem Vertigo as she explained is a symptom and not a disease
Madhuri Ruia
Dr.Aanchal is simply amazing! Kind, patient and approachable. She instantly puts you at ease. I went undiagnosed for 3 years with a dizziness issue which she diagnosed in the first sitting. Gave me simple exercises to do at home which have given me ALOT of relief. Yesterday, I ended up with severe vertigo during a yoga session, turns out my ear crystals had moved! I went to her and she performed tests and a few manoeuvres and I came home walking and symptom free ā¤ļø
Iā€™m so grateful to have found you!
Simran Talreja
Dr Anchal Jain is very knowledgeable, kind and caring, she was perfect to identify my issues and prescribed the best physical therapy treatment for my needs and abilities. Great explanation of treatment and help with pinpointing problem areas as well as exercises to overcome issues. The location is convenient and the appointment times fit my schedule. I would highly recommend Dr Anchal Jain
Safwan Hurzuk
My mother has vertigo and I'd taken her for a session with Dr. Anchal at this clinic. It was a great experience. The place isn't very hard to find and the clinic is extremely well setup. The doc is very nice and made my mother feel extremely comfortable and also gave pointers for post session care and also checked in later after a few days to see how my mother was doing. Thank you for all your help Dr. Anchal. šŸ™‚
My wife had a weird feeling after breakfast while doing household work. It was difficult to express. Sometimes it was associated with nausea. We checked pressure which was normal. My brother who is a doctor said it could be due to the flow of fluid in the ear and suggested exercises for this. I checked with my Physiotherapist Doctor Meenakshi who recommended me to Doctor Anchal a Vestibular physiotherapist. Since it was the beginning of covid I requested Doctor Anchal for a house visit. She came home examined my wife and diagnosed the symptoms as the initial stage of vertigo. She suggested a few excercises to be done twice a day. This was very effective and she found relief immediately. She is now perfectly normal. She was cured with one examination and following the excercises. I would strongly recommend Anchal