Our Services / Treatment Services

Our Services / Treatment 

Dizziness, vertigo & vestibular conditions

Reclaim balance with expert care for dizziness, vertigo & vestibular issues. Advanced diagnostics, personalized treatment. Regain stability and confidence.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Transforming Lives Through Stroke Rehabilitation. Dr. Anchal provides specialized care, innovative therapies, and personalized support.

Guillain Bare Syndrome

Expert Treatment for Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). We deliver specialized care, advanced therapies, and unwavering guidance.

Imbalance & Gait disturbance

Specialized Care for Imbalance & Gait Disturbances.

Parkinson’s & Atypical

Expert Care for Parkinson’s & Atypical Cases. Our specialized approach combines advanced therapies and compassionate support to enhance well-being and independence

Parkinsonism Rehabilitation

Transformative Parkinsonism Rehabilitation. We offer targeted therapies and unwavering support to enhance mobility.

Facial Palsy Rehabilitation

Facial Palsy Rehabilitation Experts. Our specialized care combines innovative therapies and personalized support to restore facial function, confidence, and the joy of communication.

Cerebellar conditions

Caring for Cerebellar Conditions. We provides tailored treatments and advanced therapies.